Photo Booths in Goa

WeddingsdeGoa has been at the forefront in bringing the latest Photobooth to Goa. Moreover with the Photobooth technology gaining more popularity. What started with a single unit in 2018 has today evolved into a full-scale Photobooth business.

Also the technology and innovation we have adopted have given us the tag of being the Best Photobooth business in Goa.

Most importantly, our portfolio of products that shape our inventory

The Tripod DSLR Camera booth
QR Code Photobooth
PI Photobooth
Digital Mirror
360 Photobooth
The Tripod DSLR Camera Booth
This Camera booth is a traditional photo booth that began for us the photobooth segment in Goa. Firstly, This comes with the tripod and the DSLR Camera setup. The Guests pose on the backdrop and a photo is clicked by the photo booth assistant. Secondly, an instant print is generated from the printer on the table. These have evolved to the latest trendsetting booths with time.

QR Code Photobooth
Click a picture on your phone at the venue, Scan the QR code near your sitting arena and upload the photo to the link. Once done you get a code. Make way to the Photobooth Counter and mention your code to get the Print. Moreover, This is a cool way no-touch photo booth where the guests get the flexibility to click photos as and where and with whom they want to click and print the photos.

PI Photobooth
The simplest, easiest and cool booth for birthdays, parties, and small events.
The PI booth is developed in-house in Goa. Also, This runs on Raspberry PI and sends the photo on a QR code for your to scan and download. Stand in front of the booth, Touch and click 3..2…1 QR Code will be generated and you can scan to download the pic.

Keeping up with the trends is something we look forward too. Get in Touch with us to book the latest trendy Tech for your weddings in Goa! We are sure to have a Photobooth in Goa thats just right for you.

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