Our Photobooths

The Digital Mirror

Sooner or later your eyes are sure to fall on the Digital Mirror Goa , a one of a kind trendsetter at Goan Weddings. The Digital Mirror is the latest innovation from WHN Digital to strike make an impression on your guests. The Digital Mirror brings in the next level of photo booth in goa. A step ahead from the Traditional Photo Booth, the Digital Mirror Photo Booth brings in new and exciting features that are sure to wow and engage your guests and not to forget send them home with a Digital Memory of your special day.

The Digital Mirror Photo Booth in Goa offers advanced interactive technology for picture taking. It has a sleek full-length mirror with a user-friendly touch screen and entertaining voice guidance for guests.

As participants approach the mirror, vibrant animations and an interactive voice invite them to enjoy a magical “selfie” experience, complete with a photo keepsake.

This classy Photo Booth is ideal for any event. Featuring fast, easy operation and entertaining props, the selfie mirror booth, accompanied by our lively attendants, ensures unforgettable memories for you and your guests.